Rain and Thunder Sounds Function As Relaxing Music

Updated: May 7

Rain and Thunder Sounds Function As Relaxing Music

Thunderstorms are an atmospheric disturbance made up of lightning and thunder. Lightning itself consists of moving charged particles while thunder is the sound produced by the shock wave of lightning.

Thunder sounds are loud, somehow threatening, and characterized by rumbles and growls, yet most people will tell you they love rain and thunder sounds.

Not surprisingly, rain and thunder sounds are now being used as relaxing music to help people beat stress, focus better, sleep, and meditate easily.

Why people love rain and thunder sounds

Typically, almost everyone loves rain sounds and you might find it weird that people love thunder sounds too.

Why could this be? For starters, some people love to decipher the grumble as it travels through the air. They find comfort in the rain sounds hitting roofs and windows and even the lightning spreading across the sky.

More than hearing rain and thunder sounds, people like to watch from within their homes or in an outdoor tent as the storms rage on.

To them, it brings a sense of security and tranquility, and this makes it possible to enjoy these sounds as relaxing music.

Rain and thunder sounds as relaxing music

If you suffer sleep deprivation, finding solutions to help you sleep or relax better can take forever. However, thunder therapy is been used as the newest trend to aid good sleep. Thunder therapy means falling asleep to rain and thunder sounds. The relaxing effect on our psyche reduces our body’s flight or fight instinct. Studies have shown that this allows for better relaxation in contrast to artificial sounds and noise that may cause depression instead.

What qualifies sounds as relaxing music?

Not just any sounds can be used as relaxing music. It is so because such sounds must follow certain principles to have the ability to relax the mind and body. Here are the principles that make relaxing music-

· The sounds should not make your brain work too hard. Rain and thunder sounds are something all humans are familiar with. Hence, your brain is never tasked with listening to them or figuring out their source and meaning.

· Relaxing music can make you feel relaxed because you understand and recognize it. This is as explained for the rain and thunder sounds above.

· It should not increase your blood pressure or heartbeat.

· The rhythm for relaxing sounds should be consistent with no disruptions or sudden changes.

· Relaxing music has to feel human.

· It must be listened to in high-quality audio formats. Bad audio quality can cause stress on the brain and lead to headaches, exhaustion, or low productivity.

· Good music can reduce physical pain by stimulating the production of endorphins.

Our rain and thunder sounds always qualify as relaxing music. We have created a collection of these sounds for your enjoyment and use even when it’s not that time of the year for a thunderstorm.

It’s good to know that rain and thunder sounds may also not be for everyone because some people fear it rather than enjoy it.

Explore your mix here.

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