The Noise Of Rain As White Noise For Relaxation

According to the American Institute for Stress, a whole 77% of people experience physical consequences of stress. 40 million adults in the U.S suffer from anxiety disorders yearly. And 73% of Americans experience psychological symptoms of stress.

What this tells you is that most people are seriously stressed and unfortunately we live in a time where working yourself to exhaustion seems praised.

It’s not worth it but there are hardly enough effective ways to stay relaxed amidst stress. This is why what we do at Relax Rain is so important.

In this article, we will be diving into how the noise of rain serves as white noise needed for relaxation.

Relaxation for us as humans is vital to living a healthy, happy, and productive life. It helps us stay revitalized to do better.

The noise that stresses us out…

We will discuss in a few moments how white noise helps us deal with stress and provides relaxation. It’s important to know that white noise only becomes relevant because of its ability to drown out external disturbing noises. Yes, some sounds stress us out, and it’s not surprising because as humans we will respond to any sound.

Sounds are capable of affecting our bodies in ways like changing mood, heart rates, brain waves, and hormone secretions.

So you will find that when you hear a scream or loud siren, it feels unpleasant, but only because such sounds increase the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol.

Also, loud, disturbing sounds are known to decrease productivity by 66%. Which explains why you can work faster or focus better in a quiet environment.

White noise helps you relax

Unlike the unpleasant sounds that increase stress levels and reduce productivity, white noise like the noise of rain can help you relax. This noise blocks out external sounds while giving you the relaxing feeling that comes with the consistent noise of rain. White noise is effective in promoting relaxation, sleep, or focus depending on what you use it for.

You can easily quiet your mind and even get into a meditative state.

White noise is used in hospitals to help patients relax, in offices to boost productivity, at home for sleeping, and with babies to help them sleep better too.

Some people use a white noise machine while others take advantage of versatile options like our Relax Rain, noise of rain sounds.

White noise is effective because it is repetitive and consistent, yet easy for the brain to ignore. The aim is not for your brain to focus on the sound, but for the sound to stimulate the right responses in the brain and body while blocking out external unpleasant sounds.

It’s easy to see why we always provide the noise of rain as a soothing, relaxing sound. When you remember rainy days, you can find that the rainfall easily drowns out other sounds and puts you in a state of comfort. Most people prefer it for the best sleep.

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