Why People Use Rain Sounds To Sleep

Updated: May 7

Why People Use Rain Sounds To Sleep

You’ve likely experienced it before. It’s that moment when the rain falls and all you want to do is curl up and fall asleep. Ever wondered why?

There are many reasons people use rain sounds to sleep and we have gathered most of them here.

1. Negative ion content in the air

When it rains, there is an increase in what is called the negative ion content. This increase is caused by the friction between the rain and the air. The negative ion content affects our bodies by improving the cardiovascular system, nervous system, respiratory system, and more. You would feel more comfortable as the ions have a hypnotic effect. With such a highly relaxed state, feeling sleepy is never farfetched.

2. The sounds

Regardless of if the rainfall is gentle or not, it always produces white noise. The white noise blocks out other external sounds and suppresses your senses. Even with heavy rainfall, we always perceive the sounds as calming, and together these factors make you feel tired.

On the other hand, people use rain sounds to sleep because it is rhythmic and almost functions as a lullaby.

Researchers have discovered that when rain sounds enter the human brain, it causes unconscious relaxation and produces what is called alpha waves. This entire scenario puts your brain in a state similar to when we sleep. Hence, it’s easy to fall asleep and feel tired.

3. Everything you see

You’ve likely looked outside several times when it rained, and maybe now you can recall what it felt like. Another reason it’s easy to use rain sounds to sleep is the change in atmosphere from bright to gloomy. It’s similar to what happens when you turn off the lights at night. Sunlight or bright lights increase the production of serotonin, which make you happier and more alert while nights, dark, or gloomy atmosphere increase the production of melatonin that make you sleepy.

4. Less oxygen more Zzzs

Oxygen makes your brain feel refreshed and active. Rain decreases the oxygen content in the air and lowers air pressure. With this active ingredient steadily declining, sleep can come quickly or the feeling of tiredness and wanting to relax.

5. You do less on rainy days

Sometimes it’s simply not your fault when you use rain sounds to sleep. Rain typically reduces human activity, keeping people indoors and in a state of relaxation.

You can feel comfortable, safe, and stress-free. If you meditate, it’s easier to focus because rain sounds drown out external noises.

Here’s a fun fact for you – some people associate the soothing feeling of rain with the womb. Some believe that because during conception in the womb babies are surrounded by water, we feel relaxed on rainy days as it reminds us of that comfortable environment.

Despite all the reasons why people fall asleep quickly to rain sounds, it doesn’t mean you only have to wait until rainy days to enjoy this feeling.

With our perfectly recorded YouTube rain sounds, you can stimulate the same feeling and enjoy deep relaxation and better sleep.

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